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2019 (69) SCANIA R500 6X2/2 High Roof Sleeper

£49,950 excl VAT
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About the vehicle


We are delighted to offer for sale this R500 6X2/2. View the key highlights and full specification below.

  • Engine Power
  • Gearbox
  • Kilometers
    522714 km
  • Cab Type
    High Roof Sleeper
  • Wheel Config

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  • 30-Day Replacement Guarantee
  • 300+ Point Preparation Guarantee
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MOT Expiry 6 months minimum
PTO EK Drive Flange Type FFU not applicable
Lighting Package
Infotainment Package
Scania XT Range Interior Package
Driver Package
Heat Exchanger
Side Air Deflector Length 53 cm - rubber extension
PTO EG position, rear
Suspension Front Rear 3x29 Parabolic
Exterior Underline Colour Package
Tyre Type Rear Axle 315/70 Regional Drive Goodyear
Driver Seat Check Upholstery On Both Sides premium
Passenger Seat folding
Scania Xt Range
Cab Type High Roof Sleeper
Bed Upper lower and upper width 700mm
Whole Vehicle Type Approval Accord complete
Rear Suspension Type parabolic/air
Scania Xt Range Exterior Package
Multi-colour concept, MCC
Engine PTO Preparation Price
PTO EG Right Hand Side
Coffee Maker
Tyre Size Rear Axle 315/70
Infotainment System 2 DIN with 5 inch screen (Advanced)
Aerodynamics (wind resistance) Tractor air deflectors **check roof defl
Cab CR
Seat Upholstery Passenger Side leather black
Interior Styling Package black leather
V8 Interior Package
Lateral protection skirt
PTO EG drive flange type FFU not applicable
Batteries 230 Ah
Fuel Volume Right Side 320 dm3 (S-order)
PTO EG Left Hand Side
Security Package
Aux Heating WTA cab heater 3kW
Seat Upholstery Driver Side leather black
Air Suspension Rear Type 2-spring
Window Rear
External Sun Visor
Tyre Type Front Axle 315/70 Regional Steer Goodyear
Retarder Type N/A
Truck Fridge Unit
Pto Ed Electrical Preparation
PTO EG Electrical Preparation
Safety Package
Chassis Colour Grey Sub Grey
Fuel Volume Left Side 540 dm3
Hendrickson Axle Combined With S Order not applicable
Storage Package
S Order
Model R500 A 6X2/2
Registration No FJ69ZHT
Vin No YS2R6X20005565936
Registration Date 2019-10-14
Engine Power 500
Year 2019
Cab Colour White
Roof Air Deflector Height 25 cm **check 4 metre height and side de
Displacement, engine 13 litres
Colour White
Gross Weight 44000
Key Codes KFC
Battery Position rear
Chassis Number 5565936




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Scania Go grading

To give you the ultimate choice, with the package to suit your budget, we've created the Crystal Clear Grading system, from Level 1 to Level 4, so you can buy a vehicle of the age and mileage to suit your budget. Total transparency from day one.
30-Day Replacement Guarantee
Pick 'n' Mix Service & Assurance
Flexible Funding
Replace Before Failure Guarantee
300+ Point Preparation Guarantee
30-Day 24/7 Mobility Guarantee
Age N/A Max 5 years Max 4 years Max 2 years
KMs N/A 450,000 - 550,000 km 300,000 - 450,000 km < 300,000 km
Assurance cover 3 months minimum 12-month Driveline 24-month Driveline 24 month R&M
* Up to max 480,000 km
** Up to max 300,000 km
MOT 3 months minimum 6 months minimum 9 months minimum Covered under R&M
Tyres 5 mm minimum 5 mm minimum 6 mm minimum 6 mm minimum
DPF Life 6 months minimum 6 months minimum Covered under R&M
* Tractor unit long haul distribution
** Rigid (12 month cover on construction)

All Level 2, 3 and 4 Scania Go vehicles will have been maintained by an Authorised Scania Workshop in accordance with the Scania recommended maintenance guidelines and schedules for the relevant operation type
KMs are the primary determinant of Level, then Age

Vehicle location


Scania (Great Britain) Ltd - Trucks
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9 Whittle Avenue Segensworth West
PO15 5SH

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